Thursday, September 3, 2009

new semester, old fun

As a new semester has started and Aasha's planning is underway, I've realized that I'm most looking forward to campus excitement. Our first General Body Meeting is today, Thurs. 6pm and I can't wait to see who we'll get to work with and for (both peers and community non-profits) during the year! Last year we had so many opportunities presented to us, which just seemed to spring up. Working with the Starbucks Doubleshot folks was a blast! Promoting and marketing the drink was great experience in how we can implement these strategies for our events and, ultimately, we were able to raise funds for our year-end goal.

I'm very much excited to see the end result again this year, especially because we'll get to see it unfold before our eyes. In helping Rabbi--sponsored child through SOS, foster and orphan facility in Bangladesh, you'll get to watch Rabbi grow as he enters school and perhaps higher education, enjoys life in a way he may not have been able to before and share in this amazing experience with UNC Aasha.

Last year's fundraising was so successful! We really received a wonderful response from the student community and faculty at UNC and the Bengali community in North Carolina for our efforts to bring awareness to humanitarian issues of Bangladesh to the forefront. At the end of the year, when the time and effort you've put into Aasha, whether it be a couple of hours here and there or several on a daily basis, can be seen through such a gift, why not get involved?

Publicity Chair

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