Monday, November 8, 2010

The first part of Saturday in NYC!

The girls and I woke up early on Saturday morning for the main reason we came to NYC: to volunteer with The Hunger Project. We took the metro to the beautiful Chelsea Piers, grabbed some fast food for breakfast, and got straight to work.

The first part of The Hunger Project's big day was a presentation about women leaders in India and Bangladesh, and all the obstacles they face. There was information about what The Hunger Project has done, their plans for the future, and several women who came to speak (both in English and via interpreters) about their experiences. It was very moving to see the devastating problems women have to deal with, and the connection of young girls' malnutrition with poverty and health problems of the entire population, due to the young age at which women often give birth. I was inspired to see The Hunger Project tackling these major issues with a variety of solid, effective strategies.

We got the opportunity to listen to part of this presentation, but many volunteer tasks lay ahead of us so we couldn't hear the entire thing. Some of us made nametags for the many guests who came to see the presentation, others helped direct visitors to the end of the pier where the presentation was, and then later we all helped decorate the main dining hall for the benefit dinner that would happen later that night. We put together flyers with donation envelopes and pens so that dinner guests wouldn't have to take extra steps if they wanted to make a donation. Sure enough, later that night, The Hunger Project ended up raising more than $1 million!

Before we knew it, it was time for lunch which ended up being just a very short break between the morning presentation and the start of preparations for the big dinner. I'll let Gray write about the evening portion of Saturday. It was pretty amazing!

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